You Have A Reason For Being!

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Have You Ever Wondered What You're Here For?

Each and every one of us has a unique gift to give the world.  We are each here to benefit the place we inhabit.  You're here to express your unique genius and the clock is ticking.  

Do You Want to Make a Positive Impact on the World?

An unacknowledged hunger for something yet to be identified is no way to live.  I want to help you find and implement your life's purpose, and I have the tools.  

We are all here for a reason.   

You have a gift to the world, are you ready?

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Do you feel fulfilled in your work and life? 

Do you know WHY you're here?

Are you motivated to give your gift to the world?   

You are here for a reason, want to find out what it is?

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Imagine Going Through Life Without Ever Knowing Why.


Asking these questions takes a lot of courage.  Many of us go through life with a constant fear of asking why we're here or what we're called to do. 

Life isn't meaningless.  You're not crazy for asking these questions. 

In fact, you're closer than you've ever been to your limitless human potential when you are brave enough to confront the truth of who you are. 

If you're going to start a business or chart a course in life, shouldn't you have a clear direction and an understanding of who you are?

Many of us go through over 16 years of schooling to be left without a clue of who we are or why we are here. 

We are supposed to decide what we're going to do with our lives by the age of 18, when we've barely even scratched the surface level of who we really are.  From there, we take corporate jobs or fulfill our imagined obligations to family, society, country... the list goes on.
But you are NOT here to be a cog in a system.  You are here to CREATE REALITY - and you come equipped!

Find and Implement Your Life's Purpose with the Path to Purpose Program!

  • Learn to Identify the Unseen Mechanisms of Reality that Manipulate You.
  • Get the Tools you need to find your Reason for Being and Live a Fulfilled Life.
  • Enjoy Access to a Community that will Support and Assist You Every Step of the Way.
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My name is Owen Hunt and I Help People Find and Implement Their Reason for Being.

My name is Owen Hunt and I help people discover and implement their life's purpose.  It's the most incredible job in the world.

And I should know, cause I've had MANY!  Since 2012 I've been searching for the answers to the great mysteries of life: Who are we?  What does all of this mean?  What are we here for?  I have good news and bad news:

You are destined for a purpose but ONLY YOU can find out what it is.  Fortunately, I have gathered the tools for you to find this mysterious purpose through my own struggles and failed attempts.

Over the past 8 years, I've searched everywhere for the answers to these questions - I have been a tree farmer, a cruise ship worker, a raft guide, a housekeeper, a ski instructor, a musician, a TV producer, an AirBnB host, an entrepreneur, a podcaster and a comedian.  And guess what?  Absolutely NONE of those were my purpose. 

Throughout many attempts to find what I was here to by doing-wrestling with possibilities, reading books, journaling, doing exercises and taking thousands of dollars worth of programs, I have finally assembled the tools to give you to find this for yourself!

You are perfect.  You are destined for greatness if you so choose.  I'd love to help you discover your essence and bring your unique gift to the world.  

Here's What You'll Learn in The Course:

  • Understanding Reality - What is it and How Can We Influence it to our Advantage.
  • How to Identify the Specific Barriers That Keep Us From Finding our Purpose.
  • How to Differentiate between Purpose, Function and Your Role In Society.  
  • Discovering Your Ideal Life Line with a Strategy to Implement it.
  • How to Attain Balance Within the Matrix by Using Natural Law to Your Benefit.
  • Exercises for Releasing Trauma and Letting Go of the Past.
  • Understanding How to Find Unity between Heart and Mind - Forever Clearing Emotional Resistance.
  • Tools For Critical Thinking and Clarifying Truth.
  • Exactly How To Strategize and Visualize Your Way Toward Your End Goal.
  • Heart and Mind Meditation (BONUS)
  • Trauma Release Mediation (BONUS)
  • Extra Audio Modules Clarifying Finding Purpose, Identifying Unseen Barriers and Hearing Your Own Intuition. (BONUS)
  • You'll Also Have the Opportunity to Join our Exclusive Server, Skill Share and Time Bank to Collaborate with Our Community!

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I wrestled with this for years.  I tried as many different approaches as I could find.  I knew I wasn't here for no reason. 

So I read.  I researched.  I tried new things, watched videos, took programs, and ultimately finally found a method that showed me exactly what I was here to do - then I didn't know how to do it.  

Finding my purpose wasn't enough, I had to learn to implement it as well

I needed a way to express my reason why and ultimately discovered the fundamental difference between purpose and function.  The function or role you play in life may change many times over but your purpose will remain unwavering. 

Your purpose is to give your gift to the rest of us.  You are Instrumental in the world we live in here and now!  

You are not here for no reason.  You are not here to fight against yourself or try to plug yourself into a machine that doesn't represent your interests.  You have within you a divine purpose and you are here to give that gift to the world.  

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